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July 24, 2014  |  KAGUM Hotels News  |  No Comments

Ramadan is already at its tail end but the reports of our Hotels’ various activities during the holy month just trickled in, so first of all, we apologize if this blog lately always feature the same kind of report for our Hotels’ activities in Ramadan. We promise we will make it up to you with more interesting articles of various kinds in the future!

Grand Tjokro Klaten Hotel

On with the show: this time we would like to feature the numerous Ramadan activities from our friends at Grand Tjokro Klaten that includes visitation and donation to the Yatim Putri Aisyiyah and Yatim Putra Muhammadiyah orphanages in Klaten, gathering and Iftar (breaking fast) with Klaten’s Forum of Muslim Entrepreneur Community, Iftar with 100 citizens of Kauman Tonggalan village in Klaten, and media exposures in Jogja Info Wisata plus Solo Pos.



Picture7The visitation to the orphanages took place on Saturday, 5 July 2014, and it was an event participated by the entire Head of Departments as well as the Hotel Manager of Grand Tjokro Klaten, Mrs. Irene Indri. During the visit, the Hotel symbolically presented to the representatives of the orphanages the collected donation, which consisted of various foods, drinks, and essential consumables.

Another Ramadan activity committed by Grand Tjokro Klaten was to invite the fantastic members of Klaten’s Forum of Muslim Entrepreneur Community to a friendly gathering in Mendut Meeting Room, designed to familiarize them with the facilities and services available in the Hotel, as well as various packages available such as Iftar package, Lebaran package, and Halal bin Halal package. This event took place on Monday, 14 July 2014, and participated by Mrs. Irene Indri and the Hotel’s sales team.

We would also like to say thanks to Jogja Info Wisata and Solo Pos for their media coverage on this event!

Picture23 Picture22


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Just like many other Hotels under KAGUM Hotels that held their own events to celebrate the great month of Ramadan, so too, Grand Tjokro Pekanbaru Hotel launched its own program to appreciate the holy month. On 16 July 2014 situated at Indrapura Ballroom, Grand Tjokro Pekanbaru Hotel launched the event RAMADAN CORPORATE GATHERING.


The event was comprised of various programs strung together such as Ramadan Talk (a discussion program regarding the virtue of Ramadan and various issues related to the month), Hijab Fashion (exhibitions of female Muslim wear from El Hakim Fashion), Ramadan praying/preach, and of course Iftar (breaking fast) with the corporate attendees.

Picture4 insight_septokt_2 Picture1 Picture3

This event, made possible only due to fantastic support from many of our sponsor partners such as Citilink, Awal Bros Hospital, El Hakim Fashion Jakarta, Unihealth, and Aditya 87.6 FM Radio, was designed as an appreciation to our corporate clients, media partners, and all employees of Grand Tjokro Pekanbaru Hotel for their excellent contribution to the continual success of the Hotel.


July 22, 2014  |  KAGUM Hotels News  |  No Comments

Ramadan is a month celebrated by all, and this also includes all our Hotels. One of our Hotels that is located in Semarang, Oak Tree Emerald Hotel Semarang, also participated in welcoming and celebrating the holy month in an event held on 11 July 2014 called “Ramadan Fiesta” that included events such as Ramadan Talk, Tajil on the Road, and KSR (KAGUM Social Responsibility) programs.

Blessed Ramadan with Oak Tree Emerald Hotel Semarang

Oak Tree Emerald Hotel Semarang

The first program, Ramadan Talk, was a program that invited an Ustad, this time Mr. Bambang Nugroho, to share his expert insights on what make Ramadan a special moment for everyone to celebrate togetherness and relationship. To that end, the Hotel also invited its partners and friends to participate on the event because. as explained by Oak Tree Emerald Hotel’s General Manager, Mr. Djarot Waskita, he would also like this event to strengthen the fantastic cooperation and partnership the Hotel has with its partners and associates.

ramadhan talk 2

Tajil on the Road program involved the staff of Oak Tree Emerald Hotel Semarang giving free refreshments and food for drivers in major roads of Semarang, just to appreciate their effort of having to fast on this holy month of Ramadan!

tajil on the road.jpg3

Tajil 2 Tajil 3

For KSR program, Oak Tree Emerald Hotel Semarang visited Tarbiyatul Yatim, an orphanage situated at Jl. Simongan Semarang that houses 65 children of various ages from toddlers to teenagers. The visitation included programs such as Iftar and praying, but also the giving of donations by the Hotel to the orphanage, which was conducted by Mr. Djarot Waskita himself to the representatives of Tarbiyatul Yatim. Ms. Artika Sari, Public Relation of Oak Tree Emerald Hotel Semarang, has this to say:

“This event is part of our special programs to welcome the special month of Ramadan and Eid Al Fitr,” she said, “We will continue to do these kind of programs because it has become our integral vision and mission to provide aid to those less fortunate around and nearby our Hotel in particular, and in the public/society in general.”

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July 21, 2014  |  KAGUM Hotels News  |  No Comments

As part of KAGUM Hotels’ line of Ramadan-focused programs, Grand Serela Setiabudhi Bandung and AUTO Radio Bandung launched an event “Indahnya Ramadan” (or The Beauty of Ramadan) that took place in the Pesce Rosso Restaurant at Grand Serela Setiabudhi Bandung on Friday, 18 July 2014.


Supported by Indomilk, BCS Cookies, Citilink, Sari Husada, and Bank Rakyat Indonesia, this event invited 30 beautiful children from the Hikmah Mufakir Istiqomah orphanage, the staff and management of KAGUM Hotels, media partners, and our travel agent/corporate partners in Bandung.

The event began with Nasyid (Islamic song) and 7 minutes preaching (also famously known as Kultum) as well talk shows with representatives from AUTO Radio, Grand Serela Setiabudhi Bandung, and the orphanage. Then night then warmed up with the performance from various celebrities that attended the event such as The Titans, ST12, Isa Raja, Anima, Caffeine, Dreams Girl, The Jordan, Mr. Dan, and Kuburan Band. And then it ended with the symbolic giving of donations from Grand Serela Setiabudhi, AUTO Radio, and the sponsors of the event to the representative of the orphanage.


“This is a routine Ramadan program, and we used this opportunity to create a happy event not only with our media, corporate, and travel agent partners, but also the less unfortunate ones like these children from the orphanage,” explained Mrs. Suci Hati, the Hotel Manager of Grand Serela Hotel Bandung, “Thankfully the event went well and thus I would like to say great thanks to many of the sponsors that make this event successful.”

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July 18, 2014  |  KAGUM Hotels News  |  No Comments

With the recent announcement of KAGUM Hotels opening Gino Feruci Resort Raja Ampat, it’s time for us to take a look on what kind of fun places and activities to do when one day you’re visiting it! Here are some of our recommendations:

Dampier Strait: a challenge for experienced divers only!

KAGUM Hotels Raja Ampat Dampier Strait

Dampier Strait is the passage of water between the Islands of Gam & Waigeo in the north and Batanta in the south, and it is the home for a number of Raja Ampat’s most well known dive spots (they are mostly concentrated at its western end, at the northern side of the strait). Only experienced divers may apply, since this strait is famous for having strong currents that may sweep off the less careful/experienced divers. The rewards are incredible, however, with sights that must be seen with your eyes to be believed.

Diving at the beautiful Tanjung Kri!

KAGUM Hotels Tanjung Kri Diving

Noted by Dr. Gerald R. Allen as the place where he spotted the most amounts of fishes in a single dive than any other place in his 30 years of career as a Marine Biologist, this is simply the one spot that you just cannot afford to miss during your visit to Raja Ampat. Expect to be engulfed by fishes such as huge swirling schools of dogtooth tuna, trevally, or barracuda, as well as a sight so beautiful you wouldn’t believe your eyes!

Snorkeling at the Island of Gam!

KAGUM Hotels Raja Ampat Snorkeling

Raja Ampat is famous world-wide as one of the best in the world for diving, but it is also a fantastic place for snorkeling because the range of habitats & marine life on the ocean’s top few meters is really astounding. One of the best snorkeling experiences that you must not miss is snorkeling the mangroves at Gam Island, with a water that is so crystal clear and a very rich population of diverse fishes and species just waiting for you to discover (just don’t touch them!)

Nature trekking at the Islands!

KAGUM Hotels Jungle Trek Raja Ampat

The four main/large Islands of Raja Ampat, Waigeo, Salawati, Misool and Batanta features an incredible amount of beautiful natural landscape to enjoy, like jungles, waterfalls, crystal clear rivers, and even highly exotic sites such as abandoned jungle villages or ancient burial grounds. For nature lovers, this is simply paradise waiting to be pleasured in! Don’t forget to hire experienced guides if you want to explore far in, however!

Coastal exploration in low tide periods!

KAGUM Hotels Coastal Exploration Raja Ampat

Generally you can encounter two low tides in Raja Ampat in every one 24 hours, so almost every day you can actually explore and enjoy the beauty of exposed reefs and walk through now-without-water beach—such as the sandbanks that connect the Island of Kri and Mansuar. It is truly an experience to behold, although Careful attention to details for security and safety purposes must be taken however,

Caving into the beauty of Raja Ampat’s caves!

KAGUM Hotels Tomolol Cave Raja Ampat

For something a bit different than your typical holiday adventures, you may want to visit numerous exotic caves spread around Raja Ampat. The most famous and generally the most visited one is Tomolol Cave in the Island of Misool; this sacred site (it has a Muslim shrine at the entrance) has a whole river-sized waterway flowing through it which can be ridden on a rubber-boat—this is a popular program to enjoy for any visitors here.

The turtle adventure in Sayang and Piai!

KAGUM Hotels Raja Ampat Turtle

As it happens, Raja Ampat is also a major breeding area for two types of turtles: Hawksbill and Green Sea Turtle, with Sayang and Piai Islands being the location most well-known for visitors to encounter them. They are both uninhabited Islands, however, so be prepared to camp if you wish to actually see the turtles since they are mostly active at night. Also be sure to hire an experienced guide to accompany you!

Gliding through Raja Ampat on a Kayak!

KAGUM Hotels Kayak Raja Ampat

Kayaking is, without a doubt, the best method possible to explore and appreciate the serene beauty of Raja Ampat. There are two alternatives for doing so: bringing your own kayak, preferably the foldable ones, which can be cumbersome and may or may not involve lying to customs officials, or go ahead and contact the fine folks of kayak4conversation, a non-profit initiative that partnered with Raja Ampat Research and Conservation (RARCC), where your money would be used for the betterment of Raja Ampat’s community as a whole.

Cannot wait to welcome you in our new resort in Raja Ampat soon!