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April 14, 2014  |  KAGUM Hotels News  |  No Comments

As one of the forms of our appreciation to the community around us and part of our line of off-air media relation programs, KAGUM Hotels together with TEMPO Newspaper launched Sharing Moment event for Public Relation workers and Secretaries. Conducted on Verona Palace Hotel on April 11th, 2014, the event took the theme of “Menulis itu Mudah – Bagaimana Membuat Press Release Lebih Menarik” (Writing is Easy – How to Create a More Attractive Press Release) and it was led by Mrs. Eni Saeni, the Head of Jabar-Banten Bureau of TEMPO Newspaper.

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The event was participated by a number of Executive Secretaries of KAGUM Hotels, Himpunan Humas Hotel Bandung (Bandung Public Relation Organization), and public relation officers from a number of corporate companies. Mrs. Saeni taught the participants various materials such as, as the title implied, how to create attractive press releases, or how to properly prepare and launch press conferences. Q & A sessions were also held during the event, along of course with door prizes to liven up the atmosphere!

As a final touch of the event, TEMPO Newspaper gifted certificates and goodie bags for all participants. Look forward to another exciting event from KAGUM Hotels!

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March 19, 2014  |  KAGUM Hotels News  |  No Comments

In the exciting event of the opening of the eighth Hotel under the Zodiak Hotels brand, Zodiak @ Seminyak Bali, on March 14th 2014, KAGUM Hotels launched numerous programs before, during, and after the Hotel’s Soft Opening. On March 13th, 2014, KAGUM Hotels started Media Visit programs to The Jakarta Post (Bali office), Tribun Bali, Radar Bali, and OZ Radio in order to introduce the Hotel and to pave a way for a positive relationship in the future. The company was represented by Mr. Evaldo Desfarillo as Communications Director of KAGUM Hotels and Ms. Tistha, Sales Executive of Zodiak @ Seminyak Bali.

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On March 14th 2014, the show went as the Owner of the Hotel, the Management of KAGUM Hotels, invitees, local citizens, and the employees of the Hotel all joined together in a celebratory event filled with prayers and thanks in the lobby of Zodiak @ Seminyak, marked by the cutting of Tumpeng. The first cut was given by Vanny Roedias as the Hotel Manager, followed by employee representatives; this was a symbolic representation of the beginning of the Hotel’s operation. The day’s evening was the time for Afternoon Tea event dedicated for our Bali’s Travel Agent partners and friends—50 of them—so that they can be familiarized with the Hotel for reference.

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But the shows were not all were celebratory, fun, and party events, because on March 15th 2014 we also launched social programs together with the children of D Gibbor Community, located on Sanur, where we gave them numerous aids and gifts. D Gibbor Community is a social community where children (80 of them) from various backgrounds ranging from playgroups to junior highschool can join in together to study, aided for volunteering teachers. Soon, as a part of Kids Community programs our company has been planning to initiate more often, the children will be invited directly to our Hotel so that they can learn various things about our Hotel and to have more fun!

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Congratulations for Zodiak @ Seminyak Bali for the opening and becoming a member of the proud KAGUM Hotels family!


March 7, 2014  |  KAGUM Hotels News  |  No Comments

KAGUM Time is a yearly event from KAGUM Hotels designed to appreciate people who have contributed positively to our company, because we recognize that without their help we will not be able to maintain, develop, and increase our rapidly growing hospitality business. The 3 days 2 nights event lavished the guests with an array of attractive programs, such as Pajama’s Party Appreciation Night, Fun & Sporty Table Top with 30 Hotels (spread in Jakarta, West Java, Central Java, Sumatera, Surabaya and Bali), Kampoeng Braga Dinner with traditional foods presentation, and Sunday Funday on the last Day.

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On February 28th, Corporate and Media invitees were escorted from Jakarta using the luxurious AMTrans Luxurious Bus and Cipaganti, led personally by Sales & Marketing team of KAGUM Hotels. Arriving in Bandung, they were treated by a lavish National foods lunch in Serela Merdeka Hotel, complete with entertainment and social media contest.

“The following night, we held an appreciation night themed Pajama’s Party in Gino Feruci Kebonjati participated by 100 Corporate Clients from Jakarta and Bandung. We also conducted a showing of KAGUM Hotels’ expansion in 2013 and gave award to 3 companies that have given us the biggest support in 2013. Before the event began, we took invitees wearing Pajama’s costumes to enjoy a fun photo session in the Wall of Fame, a presentation from Photo Corner by Green Photography,” said Mrs. Cita Hepiningtias, the General Manager Sales & Marketing of KAGUM Hotels.

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On the 2nd day, KAGUM Hotels launched a Fun & Sporty Table Top for our entire network of Hotels. Situated in Banana Inn Hotel, this event was designed to introduce our clients (Corporate, Travel Agents and Media) to our entire line-up of quality Hotels. To livened things up, entertainment was abound, as well as presents, airlines ticket, vouchers, and of course, sumptuous meals. Shopping to Fashion World Indonesia Factory Outlet and Kampoeng Braga Dinner followed immediately afterwards in Gino Feruci Hotel Bandung.

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On the last day, guests were entertained with Sunday Funday Games & Outbound by Art2Morrow and continuing Farewell Lunch with sundanese foods presentation in Grand Serela Setiabudhi Bandung.

“We hope that KAGUM TIME can forge a stronger and positive connection between KAGUM Hotels and our Corporate plus Media friends from Jakarta and Bandung. We thank you for all the supporters: AMTrans Luxurious, Cipaganti, Amanda Brownies, Green Photography, Seruni Photo, Citilink, Fashion World Indonesia, PT. Bonli Cipta Sejahtera (producing JnC cookies, Ina Cookies, La Difa Cookies), Himpunan Anak Media Jakarta and Himpunan media Bandung; all contributing significantly to the success of this event,” Mrs. Cita added.

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February 20, 2014  |  KAGUM Hotels News  |  No Comments

To announce the proud occasion of Zodiak @ Seminyak Bali becoming a part of Zodiak Hotels and the larger KAGUM Hotels family and that it is going to be opened on March 2014, our team committed media visit to various media partners and friends in Jakarta and Surabaya.

In Jakarta, we visited President Pos, a media group housing Indonesia Industry magazine and The President Post, a bi-weekly newspaper. We also visit DestinAsian Media Group, which feature 5 premier lifestyle and leisure magazines in its publishing (Destin Asian, Destin Asian Indonesia, DA MAN, Prestige Indonesia, and JOY. MRA Media Group, the publisher for FOR HIM Magazine (FHM), Fitness for Men, and Esquire.

Press Conference and Media Lunch announcing the same news was also held at Zodiak @ MT Haryono Jakarta on Friday, February 14th 2014, and it was attended by 30 media friends from magazines, newspaper and online media.

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A similar series of events was also launched around the week before in Surabaya, beginning with the Press Conference and Media Lunch held in Best Zodiak @ Kedungsari Surabaya, on Tuesday, February 4th 2014. It too, was attended by 30 of our media friends coming from online media, newspaper, and local television. We visited Jawa Pos afterwards, and the next day went to visit our colleagues at Harian Surya.

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KAGUM Hotels thank all of our media partners and friends for their warm welcome to our Media Visit programs!


February 13, 2014  |  KAGUM Hotels News  |  No Comments

On Tuesday, February 4th, 2014, Best Zodiak @ Kedungsari Surabaya held a Press Conference and Media Lunch to announce the Charity Program that the management and staff of the Hotel will commit as part of KAGUM Social Responsibility (KSR) programs to give back to the community. This pre-event was attended by around 30 of our media partners and friends from online media, newspaper, and local television.

The charity event itself thankfully could be done smoothly with no problems, with successful delivery of provisional aids from the team of Best Zodiak @ Kedungsari Surabaya to Mentari Orphanage, a place that houses approximately 42 less-fortunate children under its care. The provisional aid contained basic food necessities (sembako), stationeries, goodie bags, lunch boxes, and more.


In other news, Best Zodiak @ Kedungsari Surabaya also participated in and launched various programs to increase public awareness of its brand and Hotel. The first among these was Blogger Dinner Gathering, which was attended by various local bloggers and beyond. Live Tweet competition was held during the event, as well as blog competition with “Zodiak” tagline. The following are some of the entries for the blog competition (click on the pictures for links):



Table TopBest Zodiak @ Kedungsari also took part on Haryono Table Top event in Surabaya, held on February 6th 2014. It was an event attended by a total of 90 buyers and more than 130 personas from various Travel Agents, and served as a great venue for the Hotel to increase its exposure for more business in the future. It was also a very fantastic opportunity for the Hotel to create business opportunities with various partners and clients!

Additionally, Best Zodiak @ Kedungsari Surabaya also invited 22 cheerful and lovely kids ranging from playgroup to kindergarten age from Growing Years Surabaya along with friends from Surabaya media as a part of its Kids Community program, and to introduce its range of Kid Birthday Packages. Amongst the activities done during the event were room showings, various games, and Pancake decoration contest; for the winners of the decoration contest, our team gave complimentary room vouchers, goodie bags, and souvenirs!

Kids 7

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Other events from the Hotel include Corporate Dinner Gathering, an open house program designed to inform corporate company clients about the facilities and services available in Best Zodiak @ Kedungsari Surabaya. Programs included within the event were live social media program, dinner, and various entertainments.

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Look forward for more exciting programs from Best Zodiak @ Kedungsari Surabaya and KAGUM Hotels in the future!