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Bali is a place that can be greatly enjoyed by anyone, from old to adults to the young, for parents or for kids, or for any combination throughout! (like parents and kids!) But in order to have fun in Bali, you actually need to know first about all the fun activities that you can enjoy; so this post is for all the families out there wanting to have a blast during their Bali visit and want to know where to find or what activities that can be enjoyed by the whole pack of dad+mom+kids!

Go on a safari

Bali Marine Park

From elephant rides to educational shows and even interacting with rare animals like a white tiger, your kids will have a blast in a Bali-style safari entertainment in Bali Safari Marine Park.  Going on a safari is definitely not exactly the kind of thing that people expect when they imagine Bali (Beaches! Suns! Swimming!), but you can’t go wrong trying this unique Bali experience.

Craft learning

Bali Craft

Ubud is the place to learn a few courses about world-famous Balinese craft that can be enjoyed by you or your kids: painting, wood carving, fruit carving, paper craft… you just have to look! Educational, fun, involving, and you can get more insight on why Balinese craft’s offerings are appreciated by people from all corners of the world.

Be a Tarzan!

Bali Treetop

In Bali Treetop, you and your kids can enjoy swings, zipwires, aerial nets, and balancing acts inside fields fully wrapped within a woodland setting. Again, not exactly the kind of thing that anyone would normally expect when they hear the word Bali, but then again, when is it not always fun to play Tarzan?

Watch a Balinese dance

Bali dance

Just ask our concierges on the closest place to watch Balinese dance since they are readily available in practically all places in Bali—really, all you need to do is just glance a bit and you’ll find one close enough. Although for that maximum “Balinese feel”, more unique sites such as the Uluwate temple is heavily recommended!

Splishy-splashy fun

Bali Waterbom

No, not the beaches, although by all means, do not skip on the beaches if you want to enjoy some good watery fun. We’re talking about places like Waterbom Park, where kids can enjoy a variety of tall slides, such as the Boomerang, Superbowl, or the nerve-wrecking Aqualoop! And while the kids play around, parents can even enjoy spa + massage available there!

White water rafting

Bali rafting

Bali offers a wide and great range of readily available rivers for some white water rafting, and rivers such as Ayung River (class II) is gentle enough to be enjoyed by kids and nervous parents alike. Make sure to try this out whenever you go to Bali; there’s nothing more bonding than the whole family trying to raft through a river together with all the yelling and laughing.

Play with the monkeys

Bali Monkey Forest

Monkey Forest is a place where no matter where you look, there will be monkeys to greet you! Generally, people’s life are not usually involve monkeys of any kind, so this is a great chance for you to experience something new when you go to Bali. You or your kids can feed them, play with them, or just roaming around enjoying the beautiful scenery that Bali is so famous for!

Be a pirate!

Pirate Bay Bali

In the Pirates Bay in Nusa Dua, kids can do treasure hunting, kite building, and zip lining while parents or guardians can just relax and have a great food or two. A great choice for adults and kids alike; there is nothing more relaxing and fulfilling than a place that can offer pirate roleplay and great food experience all in one convenient swoop.

Beach games

Bali surfing

And now we go for the more typical recommendations: of course, do not count out the beach if you are in Bali, since visiting Bali without going to its beaches is like trying to run a car without gas: incredibly pointless. In Kuta, for example, you can enjoy flying kites, surf learning (lessons available for adults and kids alike), and more!

Dolphin tour


Go to northern part of Bali to an area called Lovina, a tourist area that is less toured than the famous ones such as Ubud and/or Kuta, and enjoy fantastic once-in-a-lifetime Dolphin sightseeing tours in the beautiful seas of Bali! This is an activity that both you, your kids, and everyone can definitely have a good time with!

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