K-Card: the exclusive membership program from KAGUM Hotels

October 25, 2010  |  KAGUM Hotels News


KAGUM Hotels is proud to introduce K-Card (KAGUM Card), the premier membership program especially made for those wishing to enhance their quality hospitality experience with KAGUM Hotels and all the hotels under its management (Grand Serela Boutique Hotel, Grand Seriti Boutique Hotel, Banana Inn Hotel & Spa, Golden Flower Bandung, and Carrcadin Business & Entertainment Hotel.)

Any K-Card holder is entitled to enjoy numerous perks and benefits from KAGUM Hotels. It can be used as a discount card in numerous Factory Outlets, restaurants, salons, sport centers, and many other leisure facilities that you can enjoy. Other advantageous perks including prioritized/guaranteed reservations, special counters for check-ins (and even in-room check-ins), late check-out privileges up until 3 P.M., and more. Get also various free vouchers such as birthday cakes, karaoke, massage, fitness, swimming pool, meeting rooms, and even for room upgrades!

The valid period for K-Card is one year, and can be extended by reloading its value. Any K-Card Holder can also transfer the ownership of his/her card to another person.

If you wish to obtain more information about K-Card membership program, feel free to contact KAGUM Call Center at +62 22 4263333 or e-mail to admin@kagum-hotel.com or k-card@kagum-hotel.com.

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