Grand Tjokro Hotel Klaten from KAGUM Hotels

July 12, 2012  |  KAGUM Hotels News

On July 17th, 2012, KAGUM Hotels is aiming to add yet another Hotel to its fast-growing repertoire of quality Hotels. This time, the Hotel is named Grand Tjokro Hotel Klaten, and—as the name clearly implies—it is situated in Klaten, Central Java (which also makes it the first entry of KAGUM Hotels in the area!)

Grand Tjokro Hotel Klaten is a 3 stars Hotel featuring the concept that combines unique traditional atmosphere with modern standard services and facilities. It is like a combination of “old” or “new”, although of course the “old” here does not necessarily “old-style”, you know—it is more of the general ambience and the “feel.”

Grand Tjokro Hotel Klaten features various facilities and services to complement your stay. It has a collection of 54 guest rooms spread across its 3 levels of floors and divided into 3 different types: Superior (with a dimension of 15 square meters), Deluxe (with a dimension of 26 square meters), and Suite (with a dimension of 61 square meters). Standard facilities across all rooms including King Koil beds, imported linens, mini bar, flat LCD television with cables, safe deposit box, complimentary tea and coffee makers, and complimentary Internet access.

Grand Tjokro Hotel Klaten also features a Borobudur Ballroom capable of housing up to a 1000 people (which makes it ideal to house particularly large events), 6 meeting rooms capable of housing 20 – 100 people, Salendo Karaoke with 7 karaoke rooms (great for some family entertainment), Tjokro Restaurant of 42 people capacity that serves Chinese, Indonesia, and Western food, and Batik Lounge, a relaxing lounge that can comfortably hold up to 16 guests with 4 sofas arrangement (perfect for general hangout or socializing.)

As for its location, its location in Jalan Pemuda Selatan 42 means that it only requires around 30 minutes access to go from/to Grand Tjokro Hotel Klaten-Adi Sucipto Airport Yogyakarta and Adi Sumarmo Airport Solo. Klaten Station can also be reached with a 5 minutes trip, and a nearby entertainment plus business districts are also within 5 minutes walking distance. Plaza Klaten, Pasar Boyolali, Malioboro Mall, and Prambanan are amongst the places that you can enjoy easy access to if you are staying in Grand Tjokro Hotel Klaten.

Don’t forget, 17th of July 2012!

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