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20140821_110637Still hot on the heels on the KAGUM Hotels’ milestone achievement of breaking MURI Record for the most amount of simultaneous Hotel openings across Indonesia in one day that will be celebrated on a grand event in Golden Flower Hotel Bandung on 23 August 2014, we also launched various programs to support the big event. One of them was KAGUM Hotels Media Visit in Bandung to TRIBUN JABAR, RADAR BANDUNG, and PIKIRAN RAKYAT, which was designed primarily to promote the event in addition to re-familiarize our media friends about our lineup of quality Hotels and establishments. The media visit was performed by our Bandung General/Hotel Managers and members of KAGUM Hotels Marketing Communication team.


Other programs include 1 day 15 talk shows with our favorite Bandung radio stations and a KAGUM Social Responsibility program with a donation event to orphanage children that takes place in Serela Cihampelas, supported by our various sponsors and partners such as INACO, SERUNI, BCS COOKIES, MAICIH, and CITILINK, as well the Bandung BMW community.

We just cannot wait to etch our name in history tomorrow with the MURI Record Breaking!


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On 23 August 2014, KAGUM Hotels will reach a new milestone in our on-going journey to become one of the leading Hospitality companies in Indonesia, with the achievement of breaking MURI (Indonesian Museum of Records) Record for the most amount of simultaneous Hotel openings in 1 day, which numbers in 15 across Indonesia. Taking place in Golden Flower Hotel Bandung, this event will be attended by Mr. Ahmad Heryawan, the West Java Governor, to show his government’s support for local companies such as us that manage to achieve something truly special like this.

The Hotels/Villas are:

Gino Feruci Villa Lovina Bali

Gino Feruci Villa Lovina

Gino Feruci Villa Ubud Bali

Gino Feruci Villa Ubud

Serela Kuta Bali

Serela Kuta 02

Serela Merdeka Bandung

Serela Merdeka 02

Serela Waringin Bandung

Serela Waringin

Serela Cihampelas Bandung

Serela Cihampelas

Zodiak @ Pasirkaliki Bandung

Zodiak @ Pasirkaliki 02

Zodiak @ Sutami Bandung

Zodiak @ Sutami 02

Zodiak @ Cokro Yogyakarta

Zodiak @ Cokro 02

Zodiak @ Kedungsari Surabaya

Zodiak @ Kedungsari

Zodiak @ MT. Haryono Jakarta

Zodiak @ MT Haryono

Zodiak @ Kebonjati Bandung

Zodiak @ Kebonjati

Zodiak @ Seminyak Bali

Zodiak @ Seminyak

Zodiak @ Asia Afrika Bandung

Zodiak @ Asia Afrika

Zodiak @ Kebun Kawung Bandung

Zodiak @ Kebonkawung


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Titled Berbagi Kebahagiaan di Hari Kemerdekaan RI ke-69 Bersama Hotel Gino Feruci Braga dan Anak Yatim (“Sharing happiness in the 69th independence day with Gino Feruci Braga Hotel and orphans”), this event on 17 August 2014 was inspired by the social concerns the Hotel has for those less fortunate. In this opportunity, the Hotel invited Mutiara Bani Sholihin orphanage.

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In this event—made possible only by great cooperation with BMWCCI Chapter Bandung community—the orphans get to experience a very special treatment with an exclusive pick-up from the orphanage to the Hotel with luxurious BMW cars. The pickup was also followed by OB VAN from AUTORADIO 88.9 FM Bandung, and together it became a convoy that traveled all around Bandung with stops at various special places such as the iconic Gedung Merdeka where everyone took commemorative pictures together.

Once the guests of honor have arrived at the main venue, the Gino Feruci Braga Hotel, they were greeted by various entertaining programs such as educational show by Faber Castell and free teeth check-ups by Advent Hospital. A special performer, one of the finalists of The Master show on television, Mr. Abu Marlo, also entertained the guests with his many special repertoire of fantastic magic tricks.

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Winners of KAGUM Idol program—a fun in-house KAGUM event dedicated to find the most talented artist and singer from our company—also performed along with the KAGUM Hotels Pom Pom Boys, courtesy of Gino Feruci Braga Hotel. Solo singer Ms. Cynthia Ivana also performed and there was also a special performance by Kuburan Band.

The invited orphans also performed their own special drama show, and the whole day ended with the giving of certificates to all the partners and sponsors that made the whole thing possible. The Hotel also provided numerous gifts for the children to take home, courtesy of our partners and sponsors, such as books from Gramedia Bookstore and various packages from Ace Hardware, BCS Cookies, Faber Castell, and Nutrive Benecol. Seruni Photo also provided photo booths for fun photo sessions.

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Of course, at the end of the day, the children were also escorted back towards their home using the luxurious BMW cars, courtesy of BMWCCI Chapter Bandung.

Thank you for all the participants and friends that make the whole event successful!


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Still trickling the event news from the already passing great month of Ramadan, this time it is the turn for Amaroossa Bandung Hotel and Royal Amaroossa Bogor Hotel to be on the spot. On 7 July 2014, Amarossa Bandung Hotel launched the Cinta Ramadan event together with IRADIO and HARDROCK FM, inviting orphanage children and including special performances by the likes of Abdul & The Coffee Theory – Rieka Roeslan. The fun event also featured fun events such as coloring contest, singing entertainment, and much more. Mrs. Bunga Faitri Putri, the Public Relation Manager of the Hotel, has this to say: “This event is one of the programs we commit to celebrate the holy month of Ramadan by sharing our happiness with the orphanage children, and it also serves as an opportunity for us to say thanks to the family, friends, and partners of Amaroossa Hotel Bandung. I would also extend my deepest thanks to all the supports given by our sponsors and guests so that the event has become a huge success.”

bandung3 bandung4 bandung5 bandung6 bandung7 bandung8Moving on to Bogor, Royal Amaroossa Bogor also launched a Ramadan appreciation event on 23 July 2014 together with Royal Organizer and Lesmana Radio named Berkah Ramadan “Buka Puasa & Sahur Bersama 100 Anak Yatim Piatu & Dhuafa” together with Okie Agustina, Gunawan Dwi Cahyo, and Keisha Alfaro. This event invited 100 beautiful children of Ash-Sholahiyyah and Al-Qi orphanages, and included events such as RAMADAN BAZAAR featuring Oriflame, Vanny Collection, Kampeng Aksesori, Bunda Cakes, Galery Tiara, Sariayu, Wt & Weld, D’Mommy Cakes, and Moshi-moshi Collection.

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The event also featured entertainment programs like Jaipong dance from Royal Organizer, Cabaret from Teater Kelor of SMPN 6 Bogor, Dongeng Ramadan by Mr. Nicco Yamada and Ms. Marie, and also performance by Keisha Alfaro. The event was closed with iftar, praying, and sahoor together at the ballroom of the Hotel. Mr. Richard Turpyn, the General Manager of Royal Amaroossa Bogor Hotel, has this to say: “This event is one of our social programs in the special month of Ramadan, designed to strengthen our relationship with the big family of Amaroossa and also our great partners. We hope that the children that attended the event can enjoy a fantastic time and many moments worth remembering into the future. I would also like to extend my thanks to all the sponsors, event participators, and the media partners that all contributed greatly to the success of the event.”